I want die

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    I am 20 years old my first relation was when i was 18 years old but my bf betrayed me wid another gal but stil i forgive him but then he acted very possisiv he also phyical abused me he used to beat me then i broke up but after 1 month i heard that he is in relatn wid previous gal then i had another bf i thought he will never betray me but i was again wrong he is playboy he dates many girl i broke up with him also nw i am every depressed my life has become hell nd my xs are happy they r enjoying there how can i over cme this i dont knw



    Hi sister when they are happy then why u can’t be happy in ur life? How can u think that ur life is over for only 20 years? Now tell me is ur parents know all this?



    u really want to die for a cheap guy as this?? ask urself ???is ur lyf really tat worthless? hey girl u r just 20. u have such a long way to go.u can grab all tat u can.m 24,in some days i was about to get engaged to my bf but bfre tat he broke our 6 years relationship. and he had no regrets. but see am alive. m trying out different ways to be happy. and to be very frank its very easy fr girls to get swayed away. girls think evrythng very emotionally and tat puts them in trouble most of the times. if this guy has cheated u so many tyms just be sure he is gonna get the same in return. u just cant getaway by hurting someone. let me tell u my case,the guy whom i loved had also cheated on me bfre ds. but i had forgiven him because he said he was guilty about it. but see today he again cheated me and this was a huge huge shock for me as it all happened just a month bfre my engagemnt wd him. but in a way am happy tat i dint have to live wd someone who has as low thinking and morals as this. i know its painful..indeed very painful but lyf doesnt get stuck fr one person. lyf only and only moves on. today thsi guy who cheated me is way happy but am sure he will get wat he has served himself. “karma: u reap wat u sow”. u were dedicated to ur bf but he wasnt. and u have to accept tat fact dear. see lyf is very beautiful if u change ur perception towards it. get back to ur previous routine. spend tym wd family. hangout wd ur frnds.practice gratitude. be thankful to ppl who love u unconditionally. pursue ur hobby. sleep extra tym. have gud food. do watever makes u happy. may be many thngs wud b reminding u of him. plz get them off ur sight. or dispose them. never ever sit idle. idle mind makes u think weired thngs. i presume u wud be doing ur graduation.so focus on ur studies. excel in them. tell ur mom or dad about wat happened wd u or any of ur siblings. take one person into confidence. throw out all ur frustrations. think gud. and please dont let this thought get into ur mind “i want to die”. do u even realise how imp u r to ur parents?? u will surely get a better man than this cheap guy,the one who deserves u. cheer up girl. loads of love ur way!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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