I want psychological Help/support

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    I am listing the problems I am facing now. I do not know where else to share.
    1. I am afraid of mistakes every time I think of making a new venture.
    2. I am Impatient.
    3. I am growing old and I am still immature and confused about my life and future.
    4. I am polite to all the wrong people. And trust every one easily.
    5. Since I am unsure about my own purpose in Life I often try to live and run on others dream.
    6. I am Inconsistent. I hit low self esteem mode and get depressed and run low on self confidence.
    7. I am actually afraid of the world and scared of it. On the other hand I am violent from inside
    8.I am a weak person, and an idiot who thinks everything around him is in turmoil. But infact I am the one who is fucked up.

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