I want to change myself…please help me

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    I dont know from where to start bcoz i have so many problem n they all r related.I dont have anyone so i can discuss my problem with them.i m dealing with it all alone.but whatever i do i fail.my each n every plan fail.so i m depress now.Right now i m 25 n I m not working.I have done IT course but its been 1-1.5 yr I m not working.right now i m searching for job but i dont get any job neither from my field nor from other.my parents always scold me without considering my effort.i dont have much more friends they r just busy in there life.i always chase them.but they easily ignore me.my parents also thing i m not useful them…they easily forget whatever i do for them.it make me more hurt.I m always surrounded by wrong people.no one understand me.

    I feel like i dont have any place where i can forget my worry n feel relax. only disappointment, failure, ignorance, loneliness… come to my way. :(

    please guide me what should i do..i dont want to die like this. i want to do something in my life but failure scared me, peoples ignorance fear to make new friends, i even scared to talk. please help me. :(

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