I want to get separate from my wife

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    Karan Sharma

    I got married 5 months ago but I am not feeling comfortable with my wife at all. Actually I was in a relationship with an another girl before my marriage but due to some circumstances i married with this girl, Now i am not able to forget my girlfriend and not able to behave normal with my wife and other family members. I have attempted suicide as well but unfortunately it was not successful.
    I tried a lot to behave normal but I am unable to do that so now i decided to live separate from my wife and my family so that they can live their life normally and I do not want to create any issues for them.
    I want advice on it that is there any legal issue could be created if I start living separate or what should I do to make it legal and what actions my wife can take against me?

    Kindly reply me about it I am waiting for to hear from you ASAP



    hi karan , what is happened in past is passed. Now there is no use of it. From all of this u r not only losing ur life but also becoming a reason for others life. Think about ur future , i know it is difficult to forget our loved once but we should not always worry about that. So try to live with ur family and with ur wife. As time is moving day by day u will realise everything that u wasted ur little time from all of this. try to be a good husband and good son because now any other will not be with u always except them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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