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    ​Hello! I’ve been having a really strange problem since November, I’ve been to the doctors and got some bleed tests done with some CT Scans as well and they tell me that they can’t find anything wrong with me. So i’m beginning to think that this may be a mental issue and I feel as though it is gradually getting worse. I have a painless tight pressure that starts from the top of my eyebrows and ends at the back of my head, then I start feeling as though I’m not an actual person for a moment, I feel as though i’m not real. I catch myself just staring at stuff and what worsens my issue is when I look at something, I feel as though i’m not really looking at that specific thing! Like right now I’m looking at my screen and typing but my brain just makes it feel as though I’m not really doing any of that. I’ve also been very forgetful, it’s gotten bad to a point where I can’t remember the things that I did past a minute. I don’t even notice/realize half the things that I do anymore, nor can I remember half the things that I do and it just makes me really sad. This all started a day after I finished drinking a 4 loko, a budlight, and a coca-cola all in one night and I stayed up until 5 am or so. PLEASE Help me, I feel as if I’m going crazy and I am scared to die even though I feel as though it’s already too late!!

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