I'm sick of my mother in law

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    Im a house wife of a high class family . I studied m. Tech. My father’s background is middle class family. Due to some problems I had accepted for the marriage. N now im happy with my husband. But I’m facing problems with my mother in law. She’s good but she has ego n attitude. Whatever work I do in home she has complaints for everything. Even my studies are a waste as per her feeling. Whenever she had a complaint, I’m really trying to work on that but she will never see that. N make new complaints.
    I want to cook for my husband but she never make to do that. Whatever I do for my husband she won’t allow me to do it. N she do that n make me like im not taking care on my husband.
    She always insult me like u have short nose n etc. Here I’m not saying about my other personal things. She also says those personal things as complaints.
    Some times i can’t bare it n i want to reply her but I’m thinking about my husband. He is suffering in between us. I told him that your mother saying like this. But he won’t listen to that.
    My parents also suffering because of me. My mother in law not only scolding me. My parents also involved in that. At that time I want give a reply. If I do that she will make big scene.
    Because of these things my relationship with my husband also lacks. I am always thinking what to do. I don’t wanted to separate my husband from my husbands family. What to do please help me. Some times i feel like run away from these problems but I can’t do that I love my husband n my parents

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