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    My Name is Vaibhav and I am a MCA second Year Student, recently I had a breakup. But that isn’t my problem. My Problem is I am just not able to concentrate on my goals. I just feel i am all alone.
    Whenever I try to do thing all i get is I am in huge mess.
    To be frank I am an addict to Bcoz of The loneliness I started to smoke excessively.
    I am not able to take my decisions.
    I wanted make banking as my carrier but bcoz of my parents I had to go in technical field. I like computer but its till a certain limit.
    Everytime I enter my lecture hall I feel I am the most duffer person on the earth. Even teachers don’t appreciate my work bcoz they say its out of syllabus.
    Sometimes I think that nobody understands me. It Feels like I should end up this life there no worth living like this.
    i cant take it any more
    Please Help

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