In love with a divorced girl. Want to get married.

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    I Have been love with a divorced girl for last 3 to 4 months. The girl was married for 4 months after which she got divorced. On 3rd day i came to knw that she was divorced. I was shocked but after hearing her story i told her that we will be friends. But slowly we fell in love. I found out that she was very much compatible with me. Our likes and dislikes were same. Our thought processes were same and as she had already seen a lot in life she was also very supportive and understanding. I made up my mind that i want to marry her. But i am currently unable to convince my parents. I have tried 2 times on this topic but i have recieved an negative respons. Can any one help me and give me tips as to how to convince my parents for this. Can anyone provide a 1 on 1 counselling for this

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