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    Sayan Sarkar

    Hi.. I am a medical student studying final year of MBBS. Of late for the past 8 months or so I am being constantly plagued by the fear of stuttering or not being able to speak words promptly. In my childhood I did used to stutter a bit but that has kind of gone away with time. Yet now whenever I talk with anyone even with friends or relatives over phone, in person or at any place I feel I may not be able to speak fluently or stutter. It haunts me at all times. I can’t study or do anything. I even feel that may be its permanent and makes me suicidal. I fear the words may not come out of my mouth or I may not be able to respond lucidly. That I may stutter and be embarassed while talking. Can U please help? I have my final MBBS university exam in January and I badly need to come out of this. Please..

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