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    green flower

    Happiness is a state of mind. You are as happy as you make up your mind to be. Focus on all positive things in your life in order to be happy. All such sayings, inspirational writings can only motivate me for a few seconds, the moment I put these words out of my sight and reflect upon my life, a peculiar loneliness, sadness takes over my mind and starts filling it with thoughts of suicide. The reason I called it peculiar is because its not like I am living a totally devastated life. I am in my early twenties, having a respectable job with a decent salary. When I think about the possible reasons of my unhappiness, there are basically just two. First being my job, although its a good job its just not what I had slogged for during my college days. And the second reason is I don’t have that special someone in my life. My worst fear is that I will live a lonely life doing a job I don’t like at all, accumulating money for don’t know whom. I have thought of a dozen ways to kill myself, have also written my suicide notes a zillion times. But I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Maybe I am too coward or too hopeful that someday things will change and my life will move out of this mediocricy. This hope is keeping me alive but not happy. Don’t know how long can I endure.



    I am really surprised after reading your thoughts. How a person can think about suiside just because of not having satisfactory job and not any special one in his life.
    If everybody start thinking like you then India will not face population problem. Most of the people will suiside.

    Life is very precious, see how other people are living their life. If you start looking this world then you will find that there are very few people who can say that they don’t have any problem. Everybody is living their life and facing problems.
    As you are in early 20’s of your life you have plenty of time in your hands to solve your problems.

    Your Job problem:
    First of all write down your ambitions. What kind of job you want? What qualifications you need or what kind of preperations you need?
    Write it down. Give some time thinking about that and then prepare a plan to achieve it. You plan should be not generic. It should be divided into small achievable plans. Set some rewards also after completing one goal.

    Special One of Life:
    This is really the foolish thing in your question. You are too young still you have declared that in future you are not going to meet any special one! Wow. Don’t be this much of negative. Start developing some hobby. This will consume your free time and give you pleasure. Because a free mind is a place of devil.

    Yes you are not hopefull but a coward boy. Because coward people talk about suiside. Brave people are those who stand firm in front of storm and face all the problems.

    If you still feel unhappy then go and start helping poor and orphan kid and utilize your life in helping needy people.

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