Indecision in relationship

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    A guy from my college proposed me sometime back, whom I hardly knew then. I was not ready for a relation initially. I was not able decide what to say. I dint want him to feel bad either, and so I told a casual yes. It rolled on to a deeper relation, and I found out that this guy is a real emotional person. I started liking him,but I dont know if it was actually love. We did spend a lot of nights talking over the phone, yet there were a few things i din like about him. He was very serious about making a future together, but I had criteria for a would-be-husband none of which he technically fulfilled. And I knew my parents would not accept him very fondly because of their own set of criteria. He was way too fast in deciding all this.
    One fine day, I told him we need to stop this before it becomes even more serious. He told it was ok. That very day, he went back home, and messaged me that all the while he was crying, and that
    he could not live widout me, no one else on earth could love me like he did.. bla bla.. in short emotional blackmail(kind of). I felt very sorry..then I again accepted his proposal back. Months passed, and this thing continued every alternate day…one day I said yes to the relation, the next day I told no…. All this time, my attachment increased with him… he has been a good human being no doubt. Finally I put an end to everything, and even he agreed after 5months…

    Now college is over, I am placed with a good job and will be moving to another state, but he is still not. I have somehow always felt a soft corner for him all these months.. and I gave him a hint that I still liked him.. but the moment he approached back, I again declined his offer. I don’t know what is this thing all about?Why do I feel(or is it just infatuation) when I would never happily accept it? Is it because I am not ready to go against my parent;s decision? have they created an unwanted pressure on me? Or is it because I did not allow any oder guy to come close to me or propose..that I have only his thoughts in my mind? I have been calling him my best friend now.. but I dont know what it is? would he the right one for me? Or should I let things go…? It is true i feel better when I just think that I like him, and treat him as a friend. But that confusion will come, if he comes to approach.. How do I make my mind understand..? And ideally what should I make my mind understand do get out of this confusion? :huh: @Admin: Plz give me a solution..

    For the poll, users please say yes(if I shud go ahead) and no(to put an end)

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