Involuntary Celibacy making me feel miserable

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    Hi pals,

    This is Vick (m)
    I am a 23 year old professional staying at New Delhi. I haven’t had any girlfriend till now in my life. These days I find like a burden as my body yearns for intimacy. It seems as if I have a cursed fate about love.

    let me give you the exact feeling:
    While bumping into someone whom I find desirable , strong emotions emerge as they start from the heart and end at my stomach as a churn.
    And that churn leads to a feeling of self pity and a total loss of self worth which in turn comes up as my momentary devastation.

    On top of that I know that I am not someone whom some one would find undesirable( I am average by my bodily attributes). This is what makes me feel really frustrated and not finding it worth to live life.

    Please tell how can I get rid of this feeling as I know there are many incels who feel the same because in this country where even a healthy, sound , romantic, heterosexual love affair is considered a taboo.

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