is it natural to feel no emotions??

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    i have always been an emotional girl…
    i ws molested fr many years…nd went fr psychiatric consulting too…apart from anxiety and depression…i have bpd…nd many hormonal problems…
    i was put on anti depressants…nd now its just nexito…tht i take…
    but these days…i feel nothing…
    if some guy even says he loves me…i am like…alright…lemme think about it…
    i was a rebel…a spoilt brat….but now…its different…
    neither my success makes me happy…nor my failure makes me sad…i still talk to many people…but i feel empty inside….
    i cn lie in bed for days….nd just get up and go to class…nd cme back nd sleep again…
    i hv had depression…but this does not seem like it….its like there is a void inside me…nd i dnt even want to fill it…is this oky???
    should i be going for the counselling sessions again??



    Hi there is no need for that when you are here , be have confident on yourself that you can make anything in your life. If u hav any doubt then you can contact us , many experts are here to help you and i will be also here as ur frd and bro…:)



    And also you are in the position of giving advise to anyone u r really well don’t think any negative things share your thoughts and feeling with any frd and keep visiting here….



    Dear lonesome,

    You have gone through so much pain. I cannot even begin to imagine how you got through this. But you did so this shows me that you’re really brave. About feeling no emotions, sometimes when we go through so much pain our mind dissociates a part of us to ‘protect’ ourselves. It separates us from trauma and when this is prolonged, it starts to affect the non-traumatic areas too, that’s why you feel no pleasure either. Another reason could be the medications you have taken in the past. Sometimes they tend to ‘numb’ the intensity of emotions. Going back to counseling would definitely be a good option. Do you have a regular therapist? Would you like to give it a try with me? If you want to, you can contact me on my personal ID [email protected].

    I will look forward to hearing from you
    Stay strong

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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