Isolating and treating psoriasis

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    The main reason as to why patients choose Ayurveda for psoriasis is that this disease needs careful analysis and treatment must begin at the first signs of the disease when the symptoms confirm psoriasis. This disease condition is characterized by itchiness on various parts of the body with scaling and flaking of the skin accompanied with dryness of the skin. There are various types of psoriasis and based on the type the manifestations differ. As per studies and research in Modern medicine it is suggested that this is an auto immune disorder characterized by hyper proliferation of the skin and overreaction of the immune system and treatment is given to arrest the symptoms or delay the onset. But, on the contrary Ayurveda claims that the impurities within the body is causing this disorder and the treatment begins with internal purification and panchakarma therapy as a prelude to other treatment processes. As per Ayurvedic principles food habits and life style plays a vital role in causing and curing diseases. Ayurveda suggests that a psoriatic patient should refrain from consuming foods that are not easy to digest and drink lots of water. Studies claim that the incidence of such diseases have grown over the years on comparing with the past because of fast foods and lack of leading a systematic life. The food that one eats and the living habits play a vital role in governing the health condition of any individual and therefore it is mandatory that the advice given by a registered ayurvedic practitioner must be followed to control diseases.

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