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    I am the mother of a 9 month old LO. She is harassing me without sleeping, taht is one issue. But coming to the main problem, it is my hubby and FIL.
    I dont have MIL so my FIl is all alone and is always aloof from my hubby. He has certain issues with me that i dont do cooking as per his taste, dont do household work and in short am not as per his expectations. But since my daughter’s birth he has never visited us or even inquired about me or the child. I really dont like this and now i dont call him anymore. For me its just a formality.
    Now comes my hubby, we had a love marriage and as i said no MIL and as i m working, i stay with my parents so that the LO can be looked after. My hubby doesnt stay with me regularly. I feel that it is his duty to keep me and the child and not my parents duty. Plus he loves to play cricket on weekends and spends the whole sunday doing that. I feel that he should also spend some time with me and the child. In that way my old parents can also find some rest. But he says that i am jealous of his happiness.
    I am very frustrated because of all this and it all comes out in my anger very badly. And to top it all my hubby expects me to call up his father. Why should I, if my FIL expects respect from his DIL, then i also expect something for me and my child. If he has an indifferent attitude towards us, then why do i have to force myself upon him.

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