Lack of trust/ confusion

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    I got divorced around 10 months back after 5 years of seperation. after two months of my divorce I got into a relationship with a guy who is fighting a divorce case. Everything seemed fine for initial 4 months, but then i got to learn some lies this guy would tell me. Not great lies, but yes lies…mostly about him speaking to some women. I used to discover it later as and when I used to speak to those women…it gradually made me skeptical of him and doubt him at every big and small thing.He says they are small lies and he lies because I am very possessive and he thinks if he will omit the interactions, i will be fine. He loves me and so do I . But because of these things…I cant trust him and we have been fighting since past 2 months due to these reasons. How shoul I handle it. I also think he is not pursuing his divorce case seriously. He says these things take time and the court case will go the wy it has to.


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