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    I am an almost 25 year old female from India.I have a serious situation in my life which I cannot find the answer to and hence I have lost the peace of my mind and have been living life in the most depressing way possible. Here is my situation, I am writing in the hope that someone might have an answer for my situation.

    I am in a 10 year old relationship with my childhood friend whom I know for almost all my life. We know each other since kinder garden days. We both love each other madly and are very set on marrying each other. Regarding our families, my family accepted for this marriage although very reluctantly and in his family, everyone accepted except his dad. We have tried a lot of ways to get the families together and to convince his dad but we failed. So finally we have decided that we will go ahead with the marriage in spite of his dad’s opposition.

    My guy is a diabetic patient and is having serious health issues in spite of which I want to be with him for whatever time possible and live our lives well however possible. The trouble now is for the past year he is troubled due to digestion related issues to which no doctor’s medicine is working. Everyday he is troubled because of this and hence has lost all motivation to do anything else. We are still trying to find doctors who can help us but we don’t know if we have a solution to his problem. Right now because of this, he is not able to take initiative in our marriage and set on date to proceed with it.

    He is saying if his health improves a little bit even, he will be able to decide on this marriage thing. However, that is not in our hands. I am feeling that we should just go ahead with the marriage and keep trying to improve his health. He feels he cannot decide until he sees at least a little improvement in his health. He feels he cannot take a big decision in such a condition. The only thing he is stubborn on is he wants to be with me no matter what. I as a person do not have any trouble waiting for him even indefinitely, even without the prospect of a marriage. I just want to be there for him. After what we have been through, I owe him that much.

    However, my parents are pushing for a marriage oblivious to all our troubles. What do I do? If I chose to be a good daughter, I would have to give up my love of the life and I cannot even think of doing such a thing. No one understands what kind of love is ours and that cannot be without each other and cannot even think of a life with another person. Should I disown my family and be there for him whether he is able to marry me or not? My family has been through with me in all obstacles and I really feel guilty of putting them through this.

    What do I do?

    Thanks in Advance!

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