life seems worthless

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    my problem is that i dont know what to do anymore .after 10 exams my father got a job in phagwara and despite my wish to stay in chandigarh he enrolled me in a school in jalandhar in non medical stream where as i was interested in commerce .I kept failing all exams in 2 years and somehow managed to pass 12 boards with 69 %.after that I did computer science engineering in computer science and completed it in 5 years instead of 4 because of a backlog in the 2 year that i just couldnt clear .Then after getting a degree i worked for a year in a bpo and then left the bpo after a year and then started preparing for an mba and have now gotten got 87 percentile in cat .i am not really sure if i want to do an mba or what stream to choose .My parents want me to do an mba because they think i will get a job after that but i dont want to get into an mba and ruin 2 years and waste my parents money .i also dont want to be stuck in a job which i dont feel like doing and i am just really very confused .Do an mba ? if yes in what stream ?if not else what to do ?.i have been unemployed for an year and have been going out of my mind thinking about this .my friends are all settled and doing well and i feel like there is no point in living cos life just seems like a burden and i think might as well end it all .i have a degree that doesnt mean anything and dont have a job and dont know what to do .sometimes i just feel that i should kill myself .atleast i wont have to think about this .i dont know what to do .

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