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    i feel so lonely. i am a 22 year old boy. i have always been an introvert guy and i doesnt go out that much but go out as often i can. often times i feel very lonely and i cry because of having no one with me. my parents are not that supportive and they always pressurise me of everything.. first it was study now it is job and i tried many times of telling them what i feel but dont beleive me and ignore what i say

    all i want is a frien .someone with whom i can share my feelings. my sadness or happiness. a shoulder to cry on. i look at other people hanging out with friends and feel sad and i often cry at night because i have no real friend in my life.whenever i am in a bad mood or i gets scared or feel sad , i want to talk to someone but i have nobody.. i cry alone

    whenever i try to make friends then people often leave me after sometimes and they never try to talk to me again.
    i have lost all my self confident. and sometimes i feel like loosing it all.

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