Losing hope on relationship

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    I am a 22year old. I have been in a relationship since I was in my ninth standard. I was in love with my guy, Mr.XX for over four years who in the last year of my the relationship began two timing. I had no idea about it for almost a year. I was used by him physically for that one year. When I knew about it, I did not know how to deal with it. I became angry and went out with another guy but eventually broke up with him as well. I did that inorder to get back at XX. I never gave myself anytime to get over it. I did not know how to deal with it. I soon went out with yet another guy Mr. YY who knew about the entire flashback. He was initially very sweet to me and took care of me very well. I got over XX through YY. But in a span of two years things started changing. YY had another close friend, a girl because of whom I became very anxious always. I couldn’t handle their friendship. It took a toll on my relationship. I have not been able to come in terms with my first break up. I still have fears. I am afraid to lose YY. But he has started to change. Makes fun of my past. Passes too many comments about my first relationship. I cannot handle another breakup but he is literally verbally abusing me all the time. I have to deal with his tantrums all the while. I am the one who begs him and makes him talk to me. He doesnt take any initiative to talk to me. I feel it’s over from is side. Above all his friend I can really not tolerate. I feel too insecure,annoyed,irritated when they talk. Nowadays he has locked his phone and asked me to stop touching his phone as well. I see him text someone all the while. I have been through a lot already. Not just him or my ex but also through my family. I do not even have tears to cry. Too much loneliness has sunk into me and I cant concentrate on anything. Please help me.



    * Understand one thing clearly, you born as alone in this world. No one was accompanying when you are inside your mother. Whatever companions you have all are created by you. Without anyone’s close relationship you can live. whoever you are seeing in your school, college and office all are not having guys like you. Aren’t they living in this world. Many people are living by only believing their family.

    * Without the xx and yy, you can very well live in this world and that too very happily.

    * Engage yourself in some activities like yoga or games or spiritual activities.

    * If you think, you have failed in life, then that is your mistake. At any extreme condition, there is hope.
    *Remember every locks are prepared with keys. All problems have their own solutions. Realize your responsibilities among your family and the society.

    *You should rely only on your knowledge and wisdom. Don’t give importance on the emotions. Only knowledge will win in all cases. No relationship will last through out your life.

    *Think and act.

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