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    Hi everyone. I’m from Hyderabad, aged 23. I’m in love with my school friend for 4 years. He loves me too. We belong to different castes. So my parents and relatives aren’t happy about our relationship. At first they said that ours is not love and its just an attraction. So we have not been in contact for 2 years and now still we want each other like before. So I said that ours is true love and we want to marry. Now if we still want to marry against their wish, my relatives will leave me because it would be a disgrace to them if I marry a guy of lower caste. Anyway my parents said that they would be with me since I’m their only child but even they are not happy. I don’t know what to do because everyone in my family is like loving someone is an offence. I need your help. I am not able to concentrate even on my carrer.[/size][/font]

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