Love marriage or arrange marriage

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    I m a 22 yr girl searching for job. I hv been in relationship since last 2 yr. We really luv each other n my family is unaware of it. My parents wnt me to marry within 1 yr as they thnk it is a proper age for marriage.
    I belong to orthodox family they ll never accept my luv n one more problem is dat my mom’s health is vry week
    If I tell her abt my affair she cnt bear it.
    I thought to breakup with my bf bt he is nt ready
    I talk to him make him understand my situation bt he get emotionally unstable n started crying like a baby infort of me. He said me dat he will die or he will do anything if i dnt marry him. He is insisting me to do court marriage. I m totally confused I dnt wnt to hurt my family nor him
    Hw cn I make him understand ? Pls give me some advice m completely unstable



    hi, I would suggest u to tell ur parents about ur love and i am sure they can stand it even when they dont like. Dont assume that they will despise u or etc. If ur parents disagree ask ur parents to meet him and take a wise decision. If still not then take a stand for urself. Its a very small age to get married at 22 still go for it if u want.



    hi priyanka , it will be good if u tell everything to ur family first and make future decision. I think ur parents will going to support u about ur future. And don’t take any quick decisions on getting married, still u have more time to decide about ur future.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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