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    hi. i m 23 yrs old.i got married in January was against ma parents will.i ran away with him to get married.we had a relationship for 8 yrs. earlier his family was very nice n cooperative but when ma parents started toking to me they became may be husbands chacha ji stay with us as he is divorcee n has no Mother in law n father in law r not on talking terms but they stay together under one roof but don’t talk to each other. he(FIL) doesn’t take any initiative in family matter.he is never aware about what is happening at ma MIL talks about every matter of home to his brother in law(chacha ji) n he(chacha ji) loves my husband that he can do anything for him. but many times he shouted n scolded me. even ma sis-in-law(32 yrs) n i don’t have good relation and she is eldest of all siblings n unmarried .ma husband is not earning anything n ma SIL N FIL r bearing home expenses. but many times i have been denied by ma necessities by ma MIL.its been 8 months to my marriage.i used to get so frustrated that i felt there like i may go mad.daily there were certain issues that ma MIL use to take started crying or stretch them like chewing gum .every time it was very sad atmosphere like some one has died at home. that bothered me.i came to ma parents n told them everything because of anger and frustration . now m staying with them for approx 1 month.many times all of them have told me to come back.we’l change everything. ma husband is a cricketer n he has full chances to play for Delhi U-25. but he is unable to concentrate n focus as i am not there with him.he says m nothing without u.i want you n your mental, emotional n every kind of support. from past 1 month he sleeps around 3 or 4 in morning goes out for practice at stadium.he says m very lonely without u n he loves me a parents have given him time of 6 months to start earning.n dis time is very crucial for him. but ma parents r saying not to go there because u will never b happy there.he(Husband) is occasional drinker n parents have told me not to talk to ma husband.n they want me to divorce him. but for me its very hard to divorce him.i also love him a lot. we cant live without each other. and my parents are not ready to send me until he earns.but at this point of his career he wants my parents say if i leave without their permission they will break all relations with me.and i don’t want to divorce him.i am planning to do job as soon as i get it. they are planning to file divorce.please suggest what should i do? should i go to my husband?or should i stay with my parents until he earns? how should i convince my parents to o there.

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