Love marrige..!!

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    Hi ,
    i have a different problem here we were in relationship for past 5 yrs. we both are from same university she was infront of my eyes for 4 yrs…her father hates love marriges i dont know y.. :( right now i am working as a software professional.last nov our love matter was revealed in her house her parents said no intially she started fighting for me but her father said no even though we r same caste but divisions in it…
    past one yr they ristricted her talking with me we didnt met…i am far away
    …right from the first day we decided to marry after our parents approval and wel settled,she said she ill wait..
    time passing now she is saying that i am freezed between u and my father i dont wanna leave i dont wanna leave my father..
    i said i ill come along with my parents but u have to say that u like me.
    but she is not ready for that..i dont know y….i am depressed totally
    wat i did..i sacrificied my life for luv..finally situation stopped here..
    her father explained her abt some situations happened in family by marring pple of our caste that …their husbands died very early so he dont want to marry me with her….other than this every thng is k..i dont know how to convience her father that she ill be fine with me and we ill happy…

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