love or family… family or love

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    I am a hindu guy and love a muslim girl. my gf’s family’s too too too conservative, I thought my family would be a little chill about it but it turned out to be the other way. i told my parents about her and they are like i have done a sin. I have asked my gf not to say anything to her parents untill we convince the otherside i.e. my parents. now the situation is like someone is giving me an option that you can see world with only one eye, which one do u want, right one or the left one???
    of course! parents are the first priority… but without her too i can’t live.
    if i love her 100% she loves me 200% percent. my parents are affraid of society… please tell me how should i convince my parents…
    all i know that i can’t live without any of these two…

    i m going home on 11th june to discuss with my family… plzzzz help me

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