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    helo everyone..please help me in solving a problem..dont knw whthr it is psychological or emotional..but im n serious in love with a guy who broke up his love when he was in inter.he loved a girl madly n she ditched him.he went through a lot of struggle to forget that girl even till date he could not forget her.after that he started flirting n having fun with girls..he is using girls fr his fun n sexual happiness..but in dis span of four years he changed a present he dont trust a girl..he just wana hav a physical relation with them but not into a serious relation lyk love marriage etc..i didnt knw his state of his mind…knwing his past that he has affair with many girls i accepted him.i thought i could change him with my i started dating him..n we have an intercourse relation frm 9months..but nw i came to knw dat after starting relation with me he has a physical relation with many other girls..i broke myself literally.i am in tears..but i couldnt forget him n hate him..i want to change him n his state of mind..i want to marry him atleast for my relation with him..i m unable to think about any othr guy n cant marry any othr guy othr than my love..please help me in changing my lover state of mind n make him love only me n not to have physical relation with any other girl except me..please help me..i feel lyk killing myself..i cant tell this to my family has a very gud reputation n i dont want it to get ruined bcz f me.please help me in changing my lover..:(

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