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    Love is one of the major human emotions (some would even say the most important one). According to Sigmund Freud, the study of love in the past was left to “…the creative writer to depict for us the ‘necessary conditions for loving… In consequence it becomes inevitable that science should concern herself with the same materials whose treatment by artists has given enjoyment to mankind for thousands of years.”

    Is Love Biological or Is It a Cultural Phenomenon?

    Biological views of love tend to view the emotion as a human drive. While love is often seen as one of the basic human emotions such as anger or happiness, some have suggested that love is instead a cultural phenomenon that arises partly due to social pressures and expectations. In a Time article, psychologist and author Lawrence Casler said, “I don’t believe love is part of human nature, not for a minute. There are social pressures at work.”

    If love were a purely cultural invention, it would stand to reason that love would simply not exist in some cultures. However, anthropological research suggests that love is a universal emotion. Love is most likely influenced by both biological drives and cultural influences. While hormones and biology are important, the way we express and experience this emotion are influenced by our personal conceptions of love.



    Hey Namrata, what a superb question! Loves really does make us all wonder whether it is just “a chemical reaction in your brain” – in the words of Savage Garden or a cultural influence. I personally think a bit of both. Many researches have established that there are certain hormones, chemicals, neurotransmitters affected when a person describes being in love. And as for cultural influence, love hs different connotations in different cultures. Let’s wait and see what others have to say!



    I guess its totally a cultural phenomenon. Its a self-impressed pressure/belief a person puts on one’s self to make himself/herself understand/justify being in a relationship to avoid social pressures and taunts.

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