love v/s hate

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    Dear sir/ madam,
    I am married since last 23 years with two daughters one of my daughter is 22 and another 14 yrs old thru out my married life I was very trustworthy and till today.But since last 2/3 years my wife and children have started hatting me due to some misunderstanding or due some other reason.Actually 2 yrs back at one social function someone from our caste had approached us for our elder daughter and that time my father was alive,so it was my duty to ask him and act further.We even had cleared to opposite people we do not want get or daughter marriage so early only after 2/3 years when she completes her education.But it was our bad luck that boy started visiting often and they decide to marry by on their will,with my wife concern.From that day onwards after my daughter in laws involvement into our family all our dispute have started and unfortunately in period my father got seriously ill of aliment cancer and surviving for next 7/8 months.All the time i had to be with him and i used to send money to my wife from my native place where i was with my wife took advantage of my unavialibty and filled case of dv against me.Today i have to pay her every month maintenance and but she still refuse me to stay along with her.She take daughters help to abuse me and humiliate me.I cannot stay in my own house where i have to starve for food and sleep on the floor.I cannot accept to be in human like them and react to them negatively or arrogantly.please help to tackle the situation or to how to handle.

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