Low self esteem- modify belief system.

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    In my childhood days,I was given love ,i was shown care but me and my dad’s views have always contradicted. He at times takes practical decisions ,and at times he gets emotionally biased. In his childhood days he was neglected(didn’t got love,he was from a poor family) from his parents,and hence he believes that nobody can depend on no one.I considered him my idol,i used to tell him everything that happens with me in school ,smaller things like i went to canteen. i used to share with him everything, but now m a grown up person m 21. and i am finding it hard to express my feelings to my dad, we stopped talking few months ago, we talk only if their is something important to talk ,like will he take tea e.t.c., because otherwise he always criticizes me , due to which already my self esteem has become low,very low.In front of his eyes i find myself useless,i want to modify my belief system. When i was in school ,i won full attendance award for three years, i asked my dad to come with me to school,i wanted to take the award in his presence ,but when the awards were getting distributed he didn’t even looked at me and afterwards he said that, if you want to win something, win a scholarship, this award is useless and won’t fetch you anything, very rudely. he was practical but i felt very bad because every student’s parents clapped for them but he didn’t.I cannot trust anyone ,because we cannot trust people like that i wanted the advice of a specialist.My mind is burdened always .. i don’t know which is the normal me.

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