m cnfused wat dis guy wants frm me

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    I had a huge crush on him fr two years..i met him few days back n he was wid me fr 9 hours..v chatted v laughed v kissed made love..he was lyk cmpltly into me bt nw again he is bhvng lyk nthng happened..he text me bt it’s jus as it was before..wat should I do nw



    if u like the guy and u want to be with him in future then i would suggest u take the initiative of turning the chat the way u want it to be. Nobody can tell u what the guy wants from u and u dont need to know that either.
    Just make it the way u want it and throw the ball in his court. If he picks up and play good and if he doesnt then just be casual friends.



    Hi ishita, he may just wanted to know about u completely thats why he was with u. Its k that both of u made chat and laugh but he may felt a bad impression on u to make a quick relationship. So its a lesson for u to understand a guy completely before committing any relationship with him. If one who makes u laugh or impress u may not be the same for good purpose. So don’t be depend on others for any. First know the person completely and further proceed for making any relationships..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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