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    I am a very sensitive person and i feel i have a humanitarian bent in academic preference as well. Having lost my father at an early age, i often felt insecure..quite prone to depression with feeling of loneliness and guilt accompanied with constant tear shed. I believe i get influenced by by seniors and thereby would look up to a role model. I am married now to an elderly person for last years who does not respect me for the reason of me getting influenced by anybody i meet and interact. this is gradually leading to conjugal disturbances and i feel we are not compatible any more unlike the earlier days. I am also a short tempered person and i feel i have a lot of anger inside me which is the sole reason for my mental frustration. I think i have a tougher life than others, my peers since the way to achieving something always ensures a lot of pain, misunderstanding and tear shed. I want to uphold my self-confidence which is getting ruined through my husband’s judgmental opinion; thereby am also loosening on a good professional career. Please help because i really want a healthy life for myself and i want to serve my basic social duties with full vigor in myself. Thank you.


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