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    I am married since last one and half year. It was a love marriage. 6 months back i caught my husband having some intimate chat with a gal. I know this girl. me and my husband had problems for this girl many times before we got married bt he never agreed to cut contact with her. after i caught his chat he promised me that he wont keep in touch with her. but then recently again when i asked him and told i have prove that u two are in touch he said that yeah we are in touch but i need more time to cut contact with her. we dont have any intense chat i just reply to what she says. but very recently once again i got hold of their watsapp chat where i saw he is again trying to establish a close relationship with her. when i said this he shouted at me and said he dont wanna keep relationship with me and want to have a divorse.
    bt my problem is my mom is a heart patience. she will die the very moment i will tell her we want a divorce. to my mom her daughter is having a very happy married life. and secondly i am nt dat strong a girl mentally and inspite of everything i still love him. bt at the same time i could not stand that inspite of so much probs he is keeping in touch with her, meeting her on a regular basis as their ofc are nearby. please suggest how to deal with the situation. i am getting mentally drained out which is affecting my ofc work also. i want some mental peace else i will die very soon.. please help



    Start loving yourself if you want peace. How could you can let him treat you like this. Don’t you have self esteem. Dear stop being a victim. His guy does not deserve anything from you but hatred. Divorce him straight forward. And slowly tell your mom your problem. Life and death is in no one’s hand. If she has a long life, your problem would not harm her. Don’t be weak with excuses of ur mom’s health or anything else. People like ur husband keeps wife as social symbol nothing else. Secretly file a divorce and also complaint that he torture you. If possible send that watsapp conversation to ur email as a proof without his knowledge. He planned to keep a secret affair now you plan to ruin him. Be brave lady its ur life. Dont drwin urself.. life has much more to offer you… let me know how you move.. [email protected]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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