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    I have been married to a women who is 7 years older to me and have 2 adult children from her previous relations who are married and settled. I also has a autistic child from my previous marriage and he stays with his mother. I help my exfamily by sending money to them, i had Rs 3 lakhs fixed deposits which i have given to them as my exwife does not have her own source of income and besides my son is being looked after by her. Recently, my present wife got back some money from her sister which she had lended to her before meeting me and before our marriage.Now,she has decided to keep this money in the custody of her married daughter exclusively for her. When i questioned this, she reasoned, that since, i have kept Rs 3 lakhs deposit, with my ex-family, so, she is justified in keeping money, (which she had made before our relationship) with her children.However,on many occassions i had helped her with money, for her children and relatives,specially during marriage of her children and to pay back some of her depts with her sister.Now is her action of keeping some money with her children is justified? I have also opened bank account in her name and deposited money in her name.I am also ready to help her and her children with any kind of need be it finances or any other.

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