Marriage and Studies

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    It has been 15 years to my marriage. I was made to stop my studies after my marriage for no particular reason. They said I should have studied first and then marry. What was the hurry? In-laws tortured me alot saying im just commerce graduate… not worth to lead a respectful human life… They tortured me for dowry as they consider commerce graduates illiterate. Called me ‘Apsakuni’. They ill-treated my parents saying I dont bring in money monthly although I have received lots of gifts from my mother’s side. My parents are very well-off. My in-laws made my life a living hell. Even if I had to work, I had to work from house. Twice i started working outside only to leave the jobs within 4-5 months… because no one was ready to cooperate.

    Now after 15 years I’m planning to pursue MBA and Doctorate program. Even if my husband has said ok unwillingly…. he is not happy about it… Never supports or help me in my chores or raising kids… Hez is like, if u want to study, then do it without asking for adjustment/help from his or kids or his parents side. He is behaving the same when only a week is left for my exams… Always fighting and accusing that i neglect kids and am irresponsible and I am too old to study….

    I feel that my aspiration to do PG and attain doctorate are going meet the same fate as my job… I will have to stop studying again to finally put stop to these non-stop accusations.

    Please guide… I am so confused about what is right or wrong…. Should I complete my studies against all odds since I am now too old to start a new career…. I am nearing 40? OR Should I put stop to my studies and let the life take its own course?



    Its good sister that u wanted to study now. I don’t think that u have any problem for doing ur PG so don’t leave ur dreams for others need. Whatever u want to do now just do it because u r not doing any bad thing. There is no age limit for study,u r doing the right thing. When ur ready to study then everyone
    should support u but i don’t know why they have problem. Ur life is in ur hand don’t worry about all. Just do what u want
    and be bold and don’t loose ur
    confidence. All d best..

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