Marriage in trouble

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    Hi, I got married last year and past one year has been a roller coaster ride. Though it was an arranged marriage, and we had a good courtship period of 6 months. But now it appears that boys side never clarified their expectations and were expecting a lot not only from me but also from my family. They are too egoistic… They want everything from our side and everything their way. They believe that daughter in law and her whole family has to be under their thumb and just take their orders always. My husband is no different, expects everything from me. From past 5 months I have been staying at my parents home. My family and other relatives tried a lot to mediate and reconcile but the boys side is stubborn and kept insulting us in one way or other. Everything is almost finished and we have filed a complaint in women cell. But things keep revolving in my mind and I keep trying to reason out, why all this happened.. I loved my husband a lot and I find it difficult to stop thinking abt him. I am a nice, educated, good looking, working girl and never had any relationships. I always trusted him and loved him a lot. I still cant make out the real reason for getting struck into such a situation. The issues in our marriage are very trivial in nature, i mean not big enough to break the marriage. Everyone advise me to just move on and think of second marriage. I am mentally strong enough and know that time will help me move on. But for now it seems very difficult and what troubles me most is why it happened, whether my husband has been pretending everything, made all false promises,.. Because if he really wanted to save the marriage, he could have.. It really disturbs me that why he didn’t try to give one chance…. I just can’t stop thinking.. Why.. Why he did this to me… Doesn’t he feel any pain.. I really don’t know what to do… Feel helpless… Please advise.

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