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    Ours is a love cum arranged marriage. We got married 5 years back on the age of 44 and 46 respectively. That time I was professionally, economically and socially well established but my spouse was lacking behind in all these front, still I think to fill the gap with my abilities. Soon after my marriage, My husband showed his true behaviour, in terms of anger, loud and hot words, arrogance, stuburness, and all traits of self-centered person. He is the middle in 3 brothers and both other are well established and lives separately. He was living his living his ailing mother, and I was stunned to see that he is just replica of his mother. but that time, both managed to cover up their real nature from me.
    I am not physcially sound due to some congentical abnormality. still i able to manage my personal life.
    Due to his nature, my husband did not able to establish himself financially and he always blames one or another for his failure. He never understand the realities and always tried to impose himself on others on his own terms.
    He forced me to leave my govt job and after passing of 5 years of our marriage, we both are in mess. just due to this, I became patient of mental stress and many more health issues has been emerged.
    I am in fix……dont know, what to do,.since last 6 months we are in fight for one or another reason.
    No one is there to help us…
    Please help me




    At this age it might be a tough decision but still i would suggest you to get separate. If all that you wrote is the entire truth and not just one side of the situation than please move on lady. you are strong to lead ur life and you are not supposed to be a slave of situations.
    Happiness is your birth right and to preserve your happiness is your own duty. If a person doesn’t respect you, please remove him from your life.
    You can still start afresh, you are independent, get yourself associated with some good communities, meditation centres, and read some nice books and blogs. Loving yourself is much more important than loving someone else. If you ever come to read The Monk who Sold his Ferrai you would realise that a person so sick, bed ridden, having hearattack and all broken turned up to be as young as 35 years old. He managed to do that because he loved himself. Now instead of trying to fix him, try to rediscover yourself. you no doubt deserve to live a happy good life.
    Hope you get yourself back.

    read my blogs if you get time

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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