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    My marriage is been fixed with a guy named Shiva, major in indian army. he had been in contact with me for 7 months and we know each other from childhood, as he is a distant relative to me.
    Everything was fine from their end and marriage talks were in full swing. When their parents met me with their relatives, i don’t know what was the problem, suddenly he started ignoring me saying that this wont happen as his parents are not convinced. He was the only one who was constantly asking me for about 7 months regarding our marriage.
    Our horoscope match, predictions matched exactly and my heart and intuition also showed signs that he is the one for me. but suddenly he is been engaged to other girl as per his parents request. We almost lost contact for a month, but i strongly feel he will marry me. In reality, i understand this will be possible only if miracle happen. so, I am very confused and i am unable to focus on anything and my health deteriorates fast. Please help me on how should i proceed.

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