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    I am in a dilemma and need help with regard to that.
    I am newly married approx. a month ago(arranged marriage) and I am the only son for my parents and my father is retired and having his own house, which is sufficient for him and mom, but with less post retirement fund to take care of them, they are dependent on me.
    We have a very traditional set-up at home. Little background on my parents.
    Father(68 years) – he is little insecure about his financial position and sometimes he is blunt, which can hurt people at times, he is physically fit and can take care of himself. He is annoying sometimes, but he is very caring and is taking care of doing outside household chores right now.
    Mother(66 years) – she is diabetic and has hearing problem and she is in her own world and behaves like a kid at times. Although she is fit, but she needs someone to take care of herself most of the time. She needs a company to share her views and emotions.
    My wife is not having cordial relationship with my parents and she is identifying weakness and cribbing about them all the time, she is feeling she is not getting the independence and privacy and not feeling at home and she has to input lot of energy dealing with my mom and my father’s attitude is annoying her.
    She wants to have a separate home. Even though having separate home has its own advantages, we will become more mature and independent and better decision making.
    I am in a dilemma of leaving my parents, as they have supported me at all junctions and it would be backtabbing( I am an only child). My wife is no mood of listening and its affecting my mental peace.
    Living separately will have financial burden on me, as I have to take care of two homes.
    Please advice me how to tackle the issue, whether to go separate is a good option for mental peace or continue living with parents ?

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