Marriage woes

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    Hi, I’ve been married for 10 years now and have an 8 year old son. My husband is a good father, good person, but not a good husband. He seems to care less and less everyday about my problems, needs, troubles and easily ignores them. This has been going on for 2-3 years now, and I am totally tired, frustrated and fed up of the attitude.
    I have my own web magazine and I am also a top level corporate employee of an MNC. Professionally, I work almost 12 hours everyday because I have to look at my own website and my employer’s work, which also is usually in different time zones (US, India, Singapore)
    But, I work from home and this is where it is taken for granted that I’ll do everything at home and at work because ‘I am not actually going anywhere!’ I therefore work non-stop everyday for almost 18 hours -cooking, cleaning, taking kid to school, looking after his work, school work etc. It’s the same 24X7 including sundays.
    Now on top of that, for the last one year my husband does not give me any house allowance. That is, he believes that because I am earning almost as much as he is, so I should be doing all the spending too. I pay all bills, school fee, house rent, and the daily house items. When asked, he says, ‘yes, yes, I’ll give.’ but never does. I’ve been angry, frustrated, my health has deteriorated (I was detected having High BP recently and have to take a medicine now forever. I’m 35)
    Because of his job troubles, we have shifted a lot of cities and everytime I’ve paid for the transfer. So we have virtually no savings. I don’t know where his money goes too because he doesn’t smoke or drink and is otherwise a gentleman. Again, when asked, he says I’ll share the account details with you, but never does.
    Simple house chores like getting vegetables, I’ll ask and ask, and ask and finally get myself. Bills, if I refuse to pay, will remain unpaid. I even have my marriage ornaments in mortagage because he didn’t have the money for a past transfer. That was 3 years ago and he has yet to bring the jewellary back, though I’ve told a number of times. (Even said, I’ll pay but he doesn’t go and because it’s in his name, I can’t get it myself)
    These are just some issues I’ve covered here. What do I do? Please help.



    Hi sister is it any mis understanding between both of from marriage? Or is ur’s love or arrange marriage?

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