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    I need help. I have been married since 3.5 yrs now and we moved to u.s.a after marriage. We came back last year and I got pregnant. This was when problems started with my inlaws when I cudnt help in household chores. My husband supported me and asked to live at my parents house until my delivery. .my inlwas r always upset with my parents about they didnt give them things as per their expectations in wedding. My parents always avoided all that because my husband supported me in every situation. .my inlaws kept on instigating my husband wen I was at my moms place for delivery. So after 15 days of my delivery my father in law and husband came at my place and faught with my parents. .my mom even fall down and had bruises in her parents did a police complaint thinking how my husband got in to this non sense act
    ..when my husband came at police station my dad slapped him on face in front of everyone husband thought we bribed tge the police and got angry and hit my dad back he says he is sorry for whatever happened and we wil live separately in a different house without his parents. . I m really confused wat to cud he hit my dad back.. they both loved each other…what shld I do..I am not able to forget police station scene. ..plz help




    i read your post , i think you should live with your husband if he decide to live without inlaws because you have an child. But before it you keep one bet with your husband that say him “you will have to say sorry to my father by laying down in their feet, because my father is also your father but as you done with me and my family for only money that is not fair , suppose if you have a sister and somebody do same with her than how you feel, i know you love me and i love you also or if you love me than how do this with me, if you want live with me again than you will say to sorry with my parents by laying down in their feet because i can’t forget as you have done with my parents ” say this statement in very politly trust me if he love you then he will accept it otherwise not then better for that leave him and divorce him and take your right because if he is not trustable now then how you expect that he will be trustfull in future . but before it should be secure to yourself how , first contact with woman’s community and tell your problem then file an fir for only your security but don’t tell about it to your husband .
    And friend my advice to you that be happy take proper food and meditate of lord shiva .
    reply me are you agree or not…
    God bless you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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