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    I am 30 years old and am qualified chartered accountant and now an entrepuneur in Delhi , India. At the age of 20 I had a bike accident due to a bike injury and was literally declared dead. It took me considerable time and unbelieveable effort to stand, run, practise writing ( cursive) and go to PWC where I was selected just before the accident. With final exams 1 and half years away i slogged and made my effort insanely with tremendous pressure to reach my previous best as on the outset I was back. 8 exams without a holiday with 1 % passing , Chartered Accountancy in India is one of the toughest courses and to be balanced with mandatory internship ( on which I got selected in the best) . I missed one group and cleared them next year. I missed because when I sat for the exam I was too scared. I came out of it, Joined capgemini, did well , sat for gmat and scored just 530, sat again scored 620, I know my skill and my hardwork, I am intending to try again and I know i am meant to be there.

    The woman who followed me after my accident was crazy about me and I never gave in. When I was about too, she left me and I am still grappling with the issue, now she is dating someone else. She was MAD about me and spend all her time in trying to reach me

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