misunderstandings since 4-5 months

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    I would like to seek your suggestions on my problem that is disturbing me from 4-5 months.

    I have a girlfriend since 4 years, we are in love.
    We are from delhi and now she has gone to ahmedabad for her MBA.

    In January february I suddenly discovered that her love, concern and care for me had drastically dropped, she felt irritated with me, whenever I talk to her she replied with irritated expressions and replies.
    I asked her numerous times to discuss if there is any problem between us and she said “there is no problem and dont irritated by taking this useless topic”. And it happened for 3 more months and she kept on denying.

    And then came june, she had to go to ahemdabad. she went without any eagerness to meet me in last few days.
    And there she got new friends and she changed drastically.
    She was a girl with whom i had never used any abusive languange not even for any 3rd person and she also did the same but now after finding new friends she said she is comfortable in using these words. I was shocked to hear those words from her. I was shattered, I thought if she wasnt like this with me for 4 years then howcome now ?

    Then I said i cant take it anymore, past 4-5 months have been a disaster and now this.
    and then we had very intense fights on phone.

    And one day she admitted that past 4-5 months have been disaster just because of her .
    and she moereover said that she is unable to judge the reason for it, that what went wrong from her side that she spoiled 4-5 months.
    She said it is my mistake and i will try to figure this out but 1 more month has passed and i dont think she is trying to rectify anything
    she is busy in her enjoyments
    she doesnt sends me the messages she used to.
    sometimes she forgets to wish me good morning and when i get angry over this,it turns into one more fight.

    I surprised her twice by sending gifts for her, she was happy for that particular day and then eveything bck to the same bad phase.

    please someon help me what to do

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