My Dual Behavior is hurting me and those whom I love

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    I am 28 year old guy, I am kind hearten and emotional by nature, this happened to me after i got married, my wife emotionally tortured me a lot, since my childhood i was thinking about a life partner who can understand me and my wishes, but I went to a wrong turn, I got married to a lady who was not only opposite to my nature, while she wanted me not to talk to my family and friends, as per my nature i couldn’t control it, she asked for divorce.
    i was broken started smoke and drink more than my capacity, i was thinking girls as a sex toy, not more than that i used to start my morning with whiskey, borrowed money from my friends and others, i was completely broken, it took three months to recover and i started theater and social service, all of sudden a girl came to my life she is almost like me.
    i cant recover my past mistakes and she is paying for this, whenever she gets angry i feel i will lose her and a second person inside me trouble me i know the second person is me only but my behavior change a lot.
    yesterday my girl got angry to me i was feeling same i can lose her i was trying to talk to her but she was refusing i felt that second person inside me is doing this so i hurt myself, i smashed my bared body with a belt and smashed very badly, my girl when she saw this she is worried and now she is saying that she cant live happy with me.
    for her good i decided to follow her instruction this is hard for me but still ….
    i am fade up of my dual nature, i know i m doing wrong many times still i do it, while after few minutes i realize i was wrong but till that time things gets messed up. I need a psychological help.

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    Hi sandeep , its ok past is passed now don’t think about it. Now u has to focus on girl who loves u. If u love her truly then u should do some things as she wants but does not mean u should punish urself like this. Hobiously no girl wants to live like with this kind of guys. So talk with her clearly all the things. She will understand u definitely. Don’t try to go aware of her or don’t punish urself by any kind. Be bold and don’t bare any risk on u. And try to avoid alcohol and smoke they will increase ur stress.

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