My father -in-law’s mental health

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    Dear Ms prachi,

    Myself a married women having 3 years old son & living with my husband and in laws. I am typical indian women, I am higher educated but not currently working as my son is only 3 yrs old. Talking about my problem : problem is my “father in law”. he is 63 yrs old. he had his own business as industrial safety consultant for about 30 years but taken retirement at age of 50 because he had a mild heart attack. then my mother in law started earning by catering business. since then he never earned even 1 rupees. eventually my husband got BE. mechanical & started earning and now we are having better financial situation and no any financial problems. I got married in dec. 2007 & now i am in my 7th year of marriage. My mother in law is a good person and she is on my side too. 1 more thing is that i m having 1 sister-in-law which is 8 years older than me & 2 years older than my husband. she had love marriage in another cast & now married since last 20 years but not having child so they adopted a girl child and both they(sis-in-law & her husband) are having happy married life. but my father in law didn’t like her decision of marriage so she got privately registered marriage and because of this Father I.L. were angry…. and still he is angry with her husband. problem is since I got married I started talking with her(sis I.L.) & now she is my good friend too… but my father in law is doubting me about “i am having an affair with her husband” :@ :huh: which is absolutely not the situation. I am having very much clashes with him(father I.L.) for he is doubting my character and following me where ever i am going outside ( he even showed bad gesture towards me in my mother-in-law’s presence, even he doubted me about my character when i was doing a job as i am having an affair with one of my colleague) etc. father in law also doubted his wife too. so she (mother in law) advised me that when he is doubting you you just ignore him as she also had ignored him too.
    so after very much clashes & having bad impact on my son we (me and my husband) decided to go separate from them but father I.L. refused saying that he will not behave like this again and will take treatment for his doubting nature. so i thought about giving him some conditions about his behavior and taken his sign on paper and cancelled our decision of separation. this happened on 15th Jan 2014. now 2 months gone very well. He is taking homeopathy treatment from our family doctor who is not psychologist but General physician and he(father in law) trust the doctor. but he refused to take any other doctor’s treatment and current medicines not solving his problem. now i am getting very much frustrated and having thoughts in my mind about filing police complaint or literally to kill him :@ and this also having started clashes between me and my husband. now i started searching anger mgmt. techniques etc. Please give me the right guidance in following
    1. my father in law is in need of psychologist treatment?
    2. how to deal with my frustration?
    3. how to behave when he is doubting me?
    4.or i should file a police complaint on him ( but this will have bad impact on my relationship with my husband)

    or else what should i do? I am having thoughts to kill myself too.

    please help me :(



    hello please do not read it only, give me reply please, or some suggestions??



    Determine your mental health needs by talking to your general medical practitioner first. You should do this first, because your general medical practitioner may be able to adequately

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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