My father treats us like his slaves.

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    My father is very selfish and dominating.As long as we do things that doesn’t trouble him he is normal. If wee wish to do something which he doesn’t like or which demands a little bit of adjustment from him he bursts out and gets to any cheap level to stop us from doing that.Example I was watching TV in the living room.He had to study.So he could have gone to the room or balcony to study .But he didn’t. He wanted to study in the living room so ordered us to switch off the TV .I refused to do it. So he started disturbing me by talking loudly making weird noises etc.We had a fight. He tried to hit me. So this is just an example.This happens a LOT in our house.We have to sacrifice all the time. Never for once does he want to sacrifice for us.He has a lot of ego and selfishness.But once one of us apologize for his mistakes he repents and cries.How to reduce his ego so that he can be a better person?



    Hi sindhu, is u are the only daughter of ur father or u have brother and sister..?

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