my girlfriend experiencing hallucination


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    hi its about my girlfriend she is 27 year old , for the last couple of years she used to see things. Not in a dream i mean even in daylight she said she kinda feel someone’s presence first it was a kid then a women and an old guy so on ,she used to say these things to me but i did’t really used think of it too much , But couple of months back she said me that she saw an actor die. I mean she said his name and she said she saw him die and she said she saw in clear. That was the first time she said about seeing a real person. After two months he died. That was a double shock for me because he was healthy and it was an accidental death and second i remember what she said. After that she saw her neighbor in an accident couple of days later he had an accident. Now these things freaking me out , few days back she saw herself hanging dead in a tree near a beach. Today she saw herself with lot of scratch on her face in her face staring at her.Recently she been through lot of family problems and really stressed out.I want to know what is the real reason behind these things and how it could be stopped

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