My Life and me both are sinking. Please help me uide me.

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    Riya Sharma

    My age is 23. I have done my Bachelors degree in pharmacy. Despite having a good degree and everything, my life is running out of my hands. The problem is with me. I ruined my career , my life. I completed my degree in 2012 and after thar i’m sitting home and now its May, 2014, well i did joined a company and i did job just only for four months and left it. And sitting at home i feel like a loser , low confident, low self esteem and no self respect.
    I cmt take decisions for my life. Whtevet the decision i take for my life , it fails badly.

    Well, that all is a past for me now, but what affects me the most are the mental changes that it is bringing in me. iI really really want a new life to start with. I believe in hope.

    What worries me the most are these two years that i have wasted sitting at home, doing nothing. And i want you to help me to get out of it , guide me, i want to start a new life. I also have certain psychological problems like stress, anxiety due to which my career has ruined, i experience mood swings. Whatever the new work i start doing. very instantly i lose interest from it. I really dnt know why this all happens with me. Please help me, i live alonely life with no friend nothing , nobody around with whome i can share this and sometimes i feel suicidal as well.
    Please guide me in getting out of this all.:angel:

    Thanks a lot, for your time and patience.


    ruchika gupta

    miss Riya….all that is happening with you bcoz u have isolated yourself from outer world….you need some changes in your lifestyle…..go to morning walk daily….make new frnz there…..either buy a pet….give yourself challenges…..afterall u r educated enough to take over any challenge …….talk to your neighbors….spend time with parents ,sister/brother … your life to the fullest … comes only once… rnt the only person sitting jobless….there are many….bt the thing is he who never stops trying ,takes the trophy with him….think that its just your beginning not an end….u can do it…..just the thing is you are unaware of that riya in you whose waiting to come out and show people that she isn’t a looser …… ! try these few things….ull surely see the change….keep smiling and best of luck!



    I agree with what Ruchika has just said. Stop isolating yourself from life.

    Life is beautiful , we need to live it with Happiness . There are going to be up’s and downs in life.

    Whichever God you believe spend 5-10 minutes everyday thanking him for this life !! and remember it’s never late .

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