my parents does not allow me to do love amrriage

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    hi mam,i m in a relation from last 5 yaers .ours was a long distance relationship.and we are very serious for each other and want to get he is hindu and i m sikh my parents doesnt approving him.and this is going on from last 3 years.and i m gng through hell.i have tried all ways by arguing with thwm,by begging but they still not agree.i m really disheratened and deepresed.and really felt helpless in front of their stubborn nature.i want them to agree .i want them to be happy about my marriage with him.thats y we doent do court marriage.plz help i can make them understand.that guy has suffered a lot because of me and waiting since last 3 years.we love and respect each other a lott.and his familyis really understanding.but my parents are really tough nut to crack.please tell me how to make my father understand.



    hi Sister i can understand how you tried to convince your parents for your marriage but it not ennof you should make both family has to talk with each other face to face in front of u both then you can realise your parents how he will gonna take care of you. So be have confident in yourself you can make marriage with your fathers blessings. Don’t feel shy u can share ur problems with us and ur brother will be here to c ur happy marriage life..:)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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