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    I live in bhilai chattisgarh. My elder sister is 24 now and she is in great mental problem.
    1. At class 11th (age 17) we were in bacheli(town) dantewata. she took bio subject and at december before exam and at winter she got very sick. Like in coma. Her mind stoped doing work. Doctor first predicted malaria and than typhoid but sent her hydrabad after no improvement and she got well my mom took it some baba and he give homeopathic medicine and other things and she feel better( i think only homeopathic medicine works) . I predict my family problem like fighting of parents or burden of study or winter is cause of follwing metal problem.
    2. After that she got anger and bad behavior, upto 2-3 years. Than after she comes to bhilai for higher studies. But got many backs upto 3 years and at winter again she got her mind stoped and after she say illogical and mad type conversation upto 3-4 months.
    Than my mom took it to again baba she got well by homeopathic medicine but the problem is she got mental every year. At present she got mad again after raining and cold environment We are forcing her to go to hydrabad but she refuses and do mad actions and voilence. What we do? ? Shes now 24.
    I think at cold environment her nervous system get some breakdown.
    1.She is attention defict, did not do any work completely.
    2. She say illogical words and laugh contineous untill she got tired .
    3. Very anger if any opposition word said.
    4. Murmuring past things.
    5. Act like mad.
    Is there anything we smell it and she got unconcious and we take her to doctor. Our town is 450kms from here so that we go there and refer her to hydrabad appolo hospital. Plz suggest +917869527929

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