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    Actually we started our life in haapiest way only..Actually before marriage during my college days i had an affair and it was broken also…even he had too..So before marriage we just informed to each other.When he told i dint take it seriously and till day i didnt tell it to anyone.But when i told him he told to his sister and her husband as well as to his cousin.His sister called me and asked me like shall i stop this marriage.Do u have this affair still??? I clearly told them like i dont have contact with that person any more…Then our marriage happened.But thrthere weas some problem between my family and his family regarding the dowry.My uncle only gave us this alliance.But the day of our marriage my in laws were making fun of him by calling him as broker….It hurted me a lot.I told my husband about this.But he didnt mind it.Then i left it.After that within 3 months i was concieve..within 40 days of my carrying my inlaws told me to come for my husband’s cousin marriage.I begged my husband like anything by telling i wont come as doctor said not to travel.But he and his family forced me and scolded my parents also for not letting me to go there.Then for the sake of my husband i went there as i didnt get leave from my office i just went without intimating them.From Bangalore i went to madurai by bus and fron there i went to sivagangai by cab.Next day i went to all the relatives of husband by cab to karaikudi.from there agagin by bus i went to thanjavur for that marriage.and tha same day night i started to blore.As i was so tired i couldnt even start to office that day.I also had puking just coz of travel and even i was conceive.hence my husband told me to leave job and take rest.we di left job too.After that I informed my mother in law that i left job.She immediately called to my mom and blasted like anything for leaving job.My mom she called me to join to work.My husband knows what and all my mother in law has scolded me but dint even tell her like he only told me leave job.Then the same day i started searching for job.I went alone to so many companies and consultancies.Finally got job but it was night shift.My husband didnt tell anything for shift but my in laws were ready to send me for job.Within 10 days of my joining to that leading MNC Company i got stomach ache.My parents went to my inlaws home for some function.That time i was admitted to hospital.Next day morning we were informed by the doctor that there is no growth for the baby.Its heart got damaged just coz of teh travel.I madly got angry with my husband.I shouted at him like he killed my baby……His dad and m,y parents came and dnc was done to me.Still i couldnt come out of the pain.Hence I dint talk to my husband.His dad told him to send me to my mom’s home.Though i scold my husband i know how much pain he had..How much he was feeling for that.sO I TOLD HIM DAT I WONT GO.In between my father in law who was sitting in that living room was about to throw a stool on me teeling what is he teeling and y u r not going? Dont u obey my sons word..He was using so many bad words over my relatives without any reason.For that also my husband idnt tell anything.He was just sitting and seeing what ever happens.That time i got a call for an interview.My father in law told me to go attend.Then they scheduled it for the next day.that night my father in law went to his native.Next day i went and attende that interview and i got selected and went to my mom’s home for 5 days for taking rest.Later i came back..Life just wet like that then i was taking medicine.I planned for doing my PG.Me and my husband decided and planned for paying fees and al.Then we informed our in laws.She called me and scolded my dad saying if he is a man he is supposed to pay the fee..How dare is he to tell my son to pay fees for u and so on…..I badly got angry as she spoke about my parents.I informed my husband he dint mind my words.He didnt even bother to listen to me.Then I myself called my mother in law and told see…if u want to scold u scold me and ur son..U Dont have rights to talk about my parents and all.Me and ur son we sat and decided about it i told.There becomes a great prblm.Always she will compare me with her daughter and my husband’s cousin who already got married for whose marriage i travelled and went.My mother in law she will b telling to me dat instead of marrying me to his son she could have marry dat cousin only coz she is earning good.I told abou this also to my husband.But he wont hear it from me….After that We went to our sister in laws home where my in lwas were also there.There was a panchayat happpend for me with my sister in laws husband who told me like hereafter you earn and study or you ask your parents to pay fee for you study but dont ask any1 here..I agreed and my PG plan was flopped.Then I got conceive and i had a dream of taking my newly born baby to our new home.So same way me and my husband we planned for buying new home we saw the place and we paid a chque to the builders and called our in laws to come and see the place.They caem and told lets see for some more builders too.They asked my parents also to come.They too came..We went to so many builders from morining to evening but there was none we liked coz the prize was more fromour budget.The builders to whom we paid cheque that 1 my inlaws dint liked.Almost it was 7 in the evening I was so tired and asked my husband what this builder also doesnt come in our budget ah nu…As he was also fedup he scolded me what are you thinking am checking so many builders for us only dat……As he shouted in front of every1..Hence i walked by holding my dad’s hand(Usually I will walk with my dad only as he has vision problem)So my husband got angry and told u go away with your father only dont ever come back to me.I told ok you are scolding me na let me go i told….. Then immediately my mother in law she came she took my mangal sutra and told me you give this to us and go…Your father owns to houses na..ask him to gve 1 for my son..Cant he give like dat….. As i was pregnant dat time i got stomach coz of dis tension..My mother in law again she started her scoldings about my famiuly for dat too like a statue my husband was seeing d fight…My parents they left me and went off…I was taken to hospital and gvn treatment for my pain.Then days passed with rotation of fight and happiness and am blessed with a baoy bay on the same day of my abortion.I was so happy my husband and my inlaws every1 was happy coz tehy told me dat i should get only boy baby..As they wished i got…But they will always tell dat the 1st one got aborted as it was a gal baby…I will get hurt with that but husband wont show any reaction for dat he will go as if he dint heard anything…the fifth day of my delivery they asked my mom to get 1 new bed for my son..My mom was so busy in discharge work of mine and also in sending off all the relatives..I told my husband to get 1 new dress fr my son..I dont knw what tension he had he was talking so loudly to his mom when i was sleeping..I got up and asked what happened my husband told nothing you sleep.After 5 min i heard a voice scolding my dad who was sitting beside me..Again i woke up and asked what happened..there was my husband who was so angrily talking about my mom to his mom.I asked my dad what happened then my mother in law told mu as you shout and sleep i told i just asked what happend here to dad nly na…That time my mom came with a new bed which my inlwas doesnt like.Hence she just throwd it y stamping..I was uncontrollably got angry..I told oooiiiiii..For dat she came to slap me and was using all local babd words about me and my mom’s character..Didnt even leave breathing gap to any1….Even for doctors who came to check my son’s and my health checkup.Dat time too my husband was quite and they all went by leaving me alone in hospital..For telling oooiii to her i went and fallen on her legs to take me along with them but she stamped me in stitches and she went off……. my husband too went…..In that fight my dad told them get out of hospital as she spoke so badly about my mom’s character…and doctor too scolded her..Then after dat whenever my husband gets time he will come to my home and see my son and he will go off..his parents or his sister nobody called me.They told only if my dada and uncle ask sorry to them(Uncle who gave us this alliance) for whatever happend in hospital she will take us else they will see other alliance for my husband.In between there was a another problem araised by sister in law who told my mom called her mother in law and told very badly about my husband.This she told to my husband.He got so angry just coz of it and called and scolded my mom.I told I myself will call and ask her.I called my sister in laws mother in law she told nothing i spoke with her infact i dont even know her number.This i recorded and i kept in my phone but till now i didnt tell it to my husband.She called and scolded my sister in law for creating problem in my life..Again she got angry and told my husband like her mother in law told am not good nu….Even after all these problem my dad called and asked sorry to them.then they took us to their home.I was there for 2 months and i was back to blore.They told my mom nly should look after my son when i join to work.It git delayed fr me to join work for dat they were keep on asking me like when will u join so and so…finally i joined…Last week my husband’s relative told me that she had told them am using so many mobiles without knowing to my husband and not even feeding my son…She always says to every1 that my salary is less where her daughter is earning 50k per month.So I told all these things to my husband.He told me that girl should be lying.I think she is touch with your brother too.My brother after my marriage he dint even come to their house and he have never seen her tooo.So i asked how can you tell about my brother who hav never comne to your home..That too you are not supposed to talk about the girl.If i ask are you talikng to my sister how much you will get hurt you think i told..He told me yes am talking to your sister also if need i will keep her as my keep too..I told if any such thing happened am dare to kill you even.Then he called my mom told am telling bad thngs about him.He was telling my personal thngs such as bed room matters and al to my mom unnecessarily and spoke so many bad words and slapped mee too and told bad about my character too.From dat tym for the past 3 days i didnt even talk to him..Now tell me what shall i do?What do i have to do for leading a happy life..Inbetwee all these when we had happiest time we will bve spending with surprise gifts and treats..But he will never appresciate me for any thing whcich will hurt me badly..He is not even supporting me at any times but he hav bought thngs and all for me no issues with that..Am not able to understand him at all.But after he spoiled my character i am not at al intersted to talk with him… i havent involved my parents in any of my family issue…But its my husband even for the silliest fight between me and him he will call and inform them.I dont know how to talk to him as normal after he spoke about my character and getting hittings and slap from him.The main reason i feel guilty to talk to him is if i talk about any actor also he is getting angry on me and he told all my bedroom matter tooo to my mom…Now how can i act normally.Just suggest me how to change him from this then i got compromised to him.Recently My mom went to our native as one of our relative passed away.Hence my mother in law came to look after my son as am working.When she came my father in law and mother in law we celebrated our husband’s bday well.I gave him surprise gifts as many as his age.The day went well.Evening i reached home by 5pm.I played with my son for some time and my inlaws were sleeping.When they got up it was 6pm.So i went broom the home.My inlaws they prepared coffee fr themselves they drank and she went down fr a walk with my son.My father in law used so much of bad words on me as i was brooming by 6pm.Next day i started to brrom soon.Everyday once i reach home my son always wants me to sit with him.So i holded him in one hand and i was brooming.That time milk was boiling in the stove.So I informed my mother in law and i switched it off.Then I found a wet cloth kept on the washbasin.So i informed her that am keeping it for drying.Then i was asking her what my son had in the fternoon coz once after i came he had 2 banana 2 biscuit as well as milk ans still he was crying fr hunger.That time my father in law asked me to prepare coffee for him.I told him like am holding my son as well as sweeping after this work i will prepare and give.The next mopmkent only she started by telling i dont know why we married you to our son…she dat girl dis girl blah blah..They were indirectly talking about my character too.After coffee we took our son for a walk.I dint tell anything to my husband anything regarding this as that time he was about to go to Chennai for his official trip.After that fight they were talking to me normally.When he came My F.Law saw him from the window and once he was coming he acted as if he is folding my inners and clothes.and he was sitting quite.My husband asked his dad what happened.He was acting like crying.Then my husband called and asked me what was happened at home.I dint tell.Then he called my mother in law infront of me and he asked.The moment she entered the room,She told what for creating the problem she told you everything ah like dat she removed her hair band and made her hair free and started shouting at me and my family.I dint talk single word also.My f.Law also shouting at me despite of seeing my husband’s office coolegue were waiting outside and our neighbours were watching is through the window.Nearly for 2 hours she shouted my husband he made her chill and left to chennai.Usually I leave home by 7.45Am to office.And I will only prepare Rice.But Dat day When I went M.Law told me she prepared rice.When i saw that it was Idli rice.I told her the same.I told am ok for eating that but for the kid you prepare different rice.But till 7.40 she dint prepare curry.Actually when she came I told her like I will prepare food daily before going She told me like she came to prepare delicious food for her son and she dont like my preparation.So I left the home by telling am getting late.She gave me tiffin which was prepared the before day morning.I Told Dats ok I dont want that.For That She told me like ok ok if you dont eat means atleast ur fat will get reduce……..I told these things to my husband.As Usual He dint bother about it.One of our neighbour called me and told that my M.Law has called her and told complaint about me.I told these too to my husband.My husband told that lady is lying.I will not Belive any1 than my mom.Then I just stopped talikng to her.She left after 5 days.Then there arise a another problem that my brother who have 22 backlogs which he dint tell at al to us.He was asked to be in his college for next 2 years to complete his arrears.So me and my mom were got lost into that problem,Now my Husband Was telling to for head shave ceremony for my son.My dad is not getting leave during this time.Even We are in a thinking that how to pay fee still 2L is required.We couldnt concentrate in this work.And more than thios Every 1 are telling no 1 will do this ceremony this month.So please kindly tell me How I come out all my problems.Do you Know I got 75% in my Engineering I worked in an MNC coz of my marriage problem I left that job and working for 10k rupees.So I couldnt support my parents also financially.My in laws was scolding me even for brooming home ,cleaning vessels drying clothes.It is just like they are complaining me to my husband without anyreason and he is making problem with me for that.I am really going mad.

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